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  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Cleaning outdoor spaces
  • Workshop cleaning
  • Service station cleaning
  • Swimming pool cleaning

The thermal camera GTC 400 C Professional measures and visualises temperature differences in seconds and easily records the results. The Bosch Thermal App documents and forwards measured values fast. Intelligent picture-in-picture technology overlays detailed real and heat-sensing images (19,200 px), resulting in a high-quality image and clear localisation of temperature differences. With its dual power system, a 12 V LI-ION battery or standard alkaline batteries are suitable power supplies.


Our ultra-lightweight, powerful and battery-powered backpack vacuum BVL 5/1 Bp Pack is the first vacuum cleaner which, thanks to the innovative EPP material, weighs only < 4.6 kg (carrying weight on the back) and whose material properties make it ultra-robust as well as durable. Whether in the cinema, in a plane, on buses and trains, for office cleaning or even on stairs, the powerful backpack vacuum cleaner with a container capacity of 5 litres makes full use of its advantages for cleaning tasks in the narrowest of spaces. Here, the powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ battery ensures long running times and an output of 500 watts from the low-wear, brushless EC motor. The ergonomic carrying frame of the backpack vacuum cleaner guarantees work without tiring. Thanks to the practical control panel on the waist strap for controlling all important operating functions and additional features, the BVL 5/1 Bp Pack can be operated effortlessly and in an extremely user-friendly manner. Various accessories are included as standard – the powerful Kärcher Battery Power+ battery, the compatible fast charger and a tear-resistant fleece filter bag. A highly effective HEPA-14 filter is also available as an optional extra.


This machine is as easy to manoeuvre as a vacuum brush. It exerts ten times more contact pressure than mopping by hand with far better cleaning performance. And this, at a roller speed of about 1,500 revolutions. The machine maintains suction while vacuuming forwards and backwards. The squeegees can also be raised for stubborn dirt. This ensures a longer contact time for the cleaning fleet.



-Variant: Battery and charger included

-Battery: 36 V/6.0 Ah Battery Power+ battery (1 pc.)

-Battery charger: 36 V Battery Power+ quick charger (1 pc.)

-Suction hose: 1 m, with bend, Plastic

-Telescopic suction tube

-Filter bag: 1 piece(s), Fleece

-Combi floor nozzle

-Upholstery nozzle

-Crevice nozzle

-Protection class: II

  • Vehicle cleaning
  • Cleaning outdoor spaces
  • Workshop cleaning
  • Service station cleaning
  • Swimming pool cleaning

SCALA2 is a fully integrated, self-priming, compact pump designed for pressure boosting in domestic applications. SCALA2 has integrated speed control which allows maintaining perfect pressure in the taps.


- Spray hose with integrated water feed, 2.5m

- Integral accessory holder for manual nozzle

- RM 760 tablets, 2 piece(s)

- Upholstery nozzle

- Cable hook

- Additional Handle

- Narrow floor nozzle with flexible suction lip

- Handle with trigger


Grundfos CMB PM 1 Booster is ideal for instant water heater showers while providing strong, constant water pressure around your house and garden. The CMB PM 1 Booster is a compact, quiet yet powerful multistage pump with built-in pressure control and maintenance-free design.


SCALA1 is a fully intergrated, compact self-priming, pressure booster for domestic use. It can communicate with Grundfos GO Remote app via built-in Bluetooth technology enabling high customisation options.

  • Façade cleaning
  • Floor and wall cleaning
  • Outdoor area
  • Vehicles
  • Machines and devices

The DS 6 vacuum cleaner with water filter ensures not only thoroughly clean floors, but also fresher, up to 99.5% dust-free exhaust air. And therefore a much more pleasant indoor climate. In contrast to conventional vacuum cleaners with filter bags, the DS 6 vacuum cleaner with water filter relies on the natural force of water which is whirled around the filter at high speeds. The dirt taken in is guided by the whirlpool, reliably filtered from the air and bound in the water. The result: extraordinarily fresh, clean exhaust air.


Run time of approx. 45 minutes thanks to the powerful lithium-ion battery

Maximum freedom of movement when cleaning thanks to being independent from power outlets – no need to keep changing outlets. Three-stage LED display acts as an intuitive battery level indicator.


The Grundfos SCALA1 is an all-in-one, self-priming pump with built-in Bluetooth connectively, making it simple to install, customize, control, and troubleshoot using the Grundfos GO App

  • Spray hose with integrated water feed, 2.5 m
  • Integral accessory holder for manual nozzle
  • Power cord, 7.5 m
  • Upholstery nozzle
  • Cable hook
  • Handle with trigger